It’s hard not to get excited about snow when you live in Vancouver. We don’t get much of the stuff, and when we do, a romantic tableau of fallen snow is usually quickly replaced by torrents of rain. So when the snow falls and falls and falls and you can walk on it with that satisfying crunch under your feet, it makes a person very happy indeed.
The snow gives us a good excuse to park the car and go nowhere for awhile. The roads may look passable, but everyone knows Vancouverites can’t drive in the snow. They aren’t such hot shit drivers in the rain either.
No, a snow day is best for staying home and going for a occasional walk with the dog. We went for a few today to let Levi run and roll in the snow the way only a dog can. We returned quickly for hot chocolate with Baileys, made with real Mexican chocolate (thanks, Texan).
The snow seems to have tapered off this evening, but it’s still butt cold. The forecast calls for light snow. The question on everyone’s mind is: “Snow Day?”
Please please please.
What dogs do in the snow