I don’t normally look too hard at what’s on the Blogger login page, but today, under the Blogs of Note section, I happened to notice a blog titled “Antartica” [sic]. Chuckling a bit at the spelling mistake, i admit, I clicked on the link and found the amazing pictures of one David Rush, a sculptor travelling to Antarctica on a program called the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Grant (that’s a mouthful).
He has posted some amazing pictures of glaciers, ice formations, penguins, ship’s equipment and more. My jaw drops to the floor thinking of the technology we have in order to share that kind of stuff practically while it’s happening.
It’s all magical. Compare that kind of reportage to just a century ago, such as the books and journals of explorers like Roald Amundsen and Ernest Shackleton.
It’s summer in Antartica – Rush writes that they have a daytime high/low temperature of 5/-5. I think that’s actually a bit warmer than we’ve been the last couple days on the West Coast.
If you’d like to look at all the wonderful photos Vancouverites have posted of our rare chance to enjoy the white, wintry scenery, Maktaaq has posted a fabulous little round-up on Metroblogging.
It’s snowing again, by the way.