My pristine ovaries are getting all twisted around today due to a story in The Tyee’s Book section. They posted an excerpt from a new book called Nobody’s Mother: Life without Kids, a beautiful essay by Lorna Crozier about not having children (by choice) and how there are simply no postive words that we’ve come up with in the English language to describe the condition of not having them. (Childless or childfree have never felt quite right, either.)
The comments are quite interesting, as usual, and yours truly could not resist jumping into the fray. Is it getting hot in here? I probably sound a bit defensive but it gets a little tiring to always have to explain to well-meaning fools why I don’t want to have children. Thank god that pack does not include my immediate family, who have never once pressured me to “c’mon and give us some grandkids.”
Via Matt,
this is the only mini-me I’m likely to produce:
Except I think her hair is too red. No child is perfect.