I wish I could say I wrote that but it’s actually from a Barenaked Ladies song, “Blame it on me,” from their first major album Gordon.

I recently finished the Print Futures course. The downtime is nice, but I’m feeling a bit burnt out at the moment. I assure you this is not my best writing. It will get better. Something about the joy of writing is lost right now. It comes from overly analyzing what I’m writing as I’m writing it, like wondering if I’m using too many “I”s to start sentences. Grrr. This is hard.

This move to WordPress represents a new stab at blogging, this time under my real name. The plan is to eventually merge my blog with the shamelessly self-promoting website that I built during Print Futures.

And even though this is a brand new blog, I decided to brought along the old Blogger posts for the ride. Some of that bitter twisted stuff written during temp jobs is my best work. Could it be because I just didn’t care who read it?

Eventually, the writer and editor are going to quit their bitchin’ and let each other do their jobs. I’ve seen it done.