Long Beach - Photo by Donovan

Last week we took a few days off to go to Tofino, a town on the west coast of Vancouver Island, just to watch the waves roll in. It’s funny how when you try to relax you realize just how wound up you are.

We stayed at a resort on the beach called the Pacific Sands which I found through a recommendation on TripAdvisor. The resort is sandwiched between the swankier digs of the Wickanninish Inn and the Long Beach Lodge, but it is much more affordable. From our room, we could walk straight out to the sandy beach of Cox Bay, or talk a short hike out to Sunset Point to watch the waves come crashing into the rocks.

It was too short a trip, of course, but at least I got to spend some time reading, walking, and thinking, all the time with the sound of the ocean nearby. The first night, I was kept half-awake and dreaming of being swept away by the foaming surf. The next day, sitting on the rocks high above the waves, I marveled at the power of the ocean, how much bigger it is than any of us.

It made me anxious too. I think I got on Donovan’s nerves with my imitation of my own dear Granny, cautioning him against getting too close to the surf or going too far out on the rocks.  And then there was my anxiety about parking when we went up to the town of Tofino to look around. “But it’s only thirty-minute parking!” I cautioned. Hello Christine, it’s a rainy day in a resort town in the off-season that’s 2 hours from anywhere. But Donovan obliged my irrational fears, drove off to another spot, and we made up over a bath-bomb buying spree at the fabulous SaltSpring Island Soapworks.

Back at the ranch, this week, I’m just trying to get psyched up for writing again. I’ve sent out a few things, and my desk is piled with pieces I’ve written that I want to revise and  lists of potential contests and markets. I’m also finding some camaraderie and inspiration in going out to magazine parties, such as the SubTerrain launch this past Tuesday, and the Vancouver Review party that’s happening tonight as part of BC Book and Magazine Week.

I think the wine will help.