Colour me stumped – so I do the nerdiest thing possible: go online and shop for dictionaries. And style guides. Oh my!

In the course of that shopping, I came across this review for the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

This book has got me stumped. Being a huge Webster fan I couldn’t be more disappointed. Not a single picture of my little man. The book doesn’t even talk about him. No pictures – nothing. Not even a mention Alex Karras (George). “Merriam Webster”?? What’s that? Is it like some caveman speak for “Webster’s happy”? And what does he have to be happy about? – he’s surely gets minimal exposure from this publication.

Apart from my initial disappointment this book doesn’t even make sense. I couldn’t follow the plot and trying to read all the many sub-chapters aloud is a futile exercise in alliteration.

Sold. It’s the dictionary review Ed might have written.