• Have to think up stuff for self to do. Tempted to just give in to daytime TV and snacks.
  • Tendency to check Craigslist thousands of times per day – purely to check if anything legitimate has been posted in jobs area yet. Also to feel righteous indigination at the gigs area AKA “everybody wants something for nothing” pages. People: my portfolio is full and my wallet is empty, dig?
  • An office mate that spends half its time snoring and the other half licking my toes. He also tends to shed on my pants.
  • Refreshing e-mail mercilessly.
  • Taking breaks “just to think” but end up eating leftover gyozas and making tea.
  • Dog (AKA office mate) appears to be getting so used to having me around that he is developing separation anxiety.
  • When there is really nothing to do, I feel guilty about reading books in the middle of the day, even if they are professional ones such as On Writing Well.

I really should be writing.