There are just two things I would like to do this year.

The first is to blog more. I’ve got to get out of this space in my head that this must a professional, topical blog. Screw that idea, which was impressed upon me by various and sundry professional readiness teachers who encouraged the use of the blog as some sort of personal marketing tool. No, no, no. The thought of disapproving employers reading the contents of my twisted, cynical brainwaves just froze up the fingers. They couldn’t fing. As of now, I’m changing the name of this puppy and getting free.

The second is – not getting suckered in by any more lantern festivals. In the past year, I’d see the ads for one, get all excited, and try to drag all my friends out. Then I’d go, disgruntled husband in tow, to look at… candles and flashlights in the dark. Sure there were some interesting displays, sort of.  But I was forced to admit “Wow this is really boring.” to all those afflicted by my lantern mania this year, I’m sorry. There will be no more.