Like every other good boy and girl in British Columbia, I received my official Climate Change Dividend cheque. Sweet merciful socialism, I just love a government that bribes the joyless citizenry. Even if it just a lousy $100, which will surely be clawed back tenfold with this new carbon tax.

Anyway, it’s not often you get free money in the mail so off I go to spend it. (If you’re one of those “Greater Good” types, check out ways to make a bigger splash with your cash through this The Tyee initiative.) In the spirit of the thing, I am planning to buy a rack and saddlebags for my bike so that I can do more shopping and errand-running with it. The fabulous Cap’s Bike Shop here in New West has a great selection. My cheque also comes just in time for the new weekly Farmers Market in the city. Or at least, the revival of an old tradition, since historically (personally defined by the time my Dad was growing up here), New West was the conduit for produce from the Fraser Valley into the city.

Speaking of the Fraser Valley, it’s also strawberry season! I know it’s incredibly nerdy, but I look forward to u-pick strawberries and blueberries all year. Hey, don’t make fun, or you won’t get any of my chocolate double-dipped strawberries.