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Woodlands has another barbecue

Soon after we were all safely back in our homes, the folks at ONNI posted on the doors of the buildings an invitation to a community barbecue party: Today as I was going out the door for my free lunch, I noticed a second sign tacked to the first. At first glance, I actually did […]

We are okay

Some of you might have heard that the old, abandoned Woodlands school building caught fire this morning. For real – with flames and smoke this time. Our building was evacuated because of the risk of smoke inhalation, and risk of fire spreading. I wasn’t home when all this was going on, so I’ve spent a […]


My sister thinks that using the phrase “former Woodlands grounds” is too formal. She suggests, “Old Loony Bin Lawns.” It’s good to have family who can understand what it is you’re really trying to say.

Stroll around the grounds

The pace of construction is pretty rapid around here. From the balcony, we watch every day as a little more highrise gets built in front of us. It’s actually pretty cool to watch a building being built. There is also a lot of progress being made on the grounds – a new sign just went […]

Infiltrators and other phantom visitors

Maktaaq (the best blogger to come out of Port Moody) wrote a very cool companion piece to my post yesterday. She found even more photos of Woodlands buildings taken by urban explorers and as usual, found lots of other cool stuff having to do with ghosts and paranormal investigators. Given the history of these grounds, […]

The history of our new home

I really enjoy my new home. When Levi and I stroll the grounds behind this new building, it is impossible to forget two things: 1) the view of the mighty Fraser River and 2) the history of this place. You see, for a long time, the parcel of land which is now being developed was […]