I am a writer, editor and blogger, and I have been writing Goals Are Stupid (formerly known as “It’s a Good Thing I’m Book Smart”) since 2004.

Originally I wanted to cover books and publishing, but all sorts of stuff about temping and office work and food and dogs kind of crept in there. There have also been long stretches where I had nothing to say, and thought about giving ‘er up altogether, but blogging is an addiction and I always come back.

Despite attempts to be relevant, this blog has evolved into something that would fall under the personal blog category. But it is not a diary.

Me Write Good

I am also a professional writer and editor. I have worked for book publishers, magazines, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and corporations. Everywhere I go, people ask me to write, rewrite, and edit things. Sometimes they even pay me for it. I like that.

Yes, you can borrow my brain

I am available for freelance writing, editing, research, and publishing projects. (Note: Freelance doesn’t mean free!)

For more information on what I can do for you, as well as a growing collection of resources for writing and communications, please visit my new blogsite www.christinerowlands.com.

E-mail me: maikopunk(at)yahooDOTcom.