You are currently browsing the category archive for the ‘blogging’ category. just published a great article on something I had been aware of but didn’t know had a name: tagging. Maktaaq has posted links to things like 43things, but the article lists a bunch of other fun stuff to try as well:

I love all these new ways to organize and share information, and waste time too.


after following my clever friend maktaaq’s blog for so long (shameless cross-blog publicity alert:, I am finally getting one of my own.

Perhaps this will give me something to do at my current temp assignment as a receptionist who is not expected to do too terribly much. In a previous life as a publishing slave, I probably fantasized about the sort of job where I could just sit at the desk and look pretty. But its really really boring.

This blog will not be filled with tales of the temp, however, because its a big world out there beyond the floor-to-ceiling boardroom windows. There are whole essays to be written on how trees move, on that line near the end of the Colour Purple where Shug Avery says (paraphrasing here) “You ever notice how trees do everything we do to get attention… They just want be loved.” Among other minutiae that will come along as we go, like the difficulty of getting rid of the childhood stuff in your “boxes”, the crazy characters at dollar swim night and breaking the habit of scheduling life around Simpsons reruns.

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