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You know, the whole concept of DVD players in cars really bugs me. Yes, they probably do distract the little monsters on road trips, but at what cost to the imagination? When I was a kid, we spent every summer and many winter and spring holidays at my grandparent’s house in Rock Creek, a six-hour trip from Vancouver. My two sisters and I would be crammed into the backseat. I didn’t like sitting next to Janine because she breathed too loud or talked too much. We’d fight over…who knows, but also spend a lot of time reading, looking out the window, waiting to get there, playing punchbuggy and i-spy.

My parents used the time-honoured threat of pulling over to the side of the road and putting us out, and I do recall one incident where I actually was put out, and told to wait for my grandparents to pick me up. I think they did drive off to make the point, and then came back. I was kind of a whingy, grumpy kid. And they always made good on the threat to pull over until the fighting stopped.

A couple of times, Dad made a point of pointing out the Hope Slide – and told us it was caused by kids fighting in the car. The Hope-Princeton Highway is a windy stretch of road with plenty of mountains, so he would also periodically tell us we were in an avalanche zone, so watch out. Don’t want to cause an avalanche. We were pretty gullible kids.

So, the point is, what kind of memories and imagination are to be developed by curing boredom and potential brattiness by strapping earphones on kids and throwing on some lazy ass Disney tripe? Are they going to say, years later, hey remember when we watched that movie going to that place? No they are not.


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